Burton Hathow’s Prize Giving

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Prize Giving was full of meaningful messages to our students today especially those about to embark on their next great educational adventure. Apply the skills learnt at Burton Hathow in the years aead. Know strengths and your weaknesses but still take every opportunity. Be brave! We hope that the words of two former pupils, Ella and Thomas, relieve the nerves of our current year 6 by demonstrating how prepared they were to take the next step. A huge thank you to  our staff who have worked hard all year and to our pupils, those who were prize winners and those who were not. We have all had successes this year and should be all proud of our achievements. The children have all shone this year, and the words of Mr Nowell's new song performed by the Upper School Choir are symbolic of what our children do and achieve: 'I'm going to shine my light in the world by the way I live.'