Our Mission Statement and Aims

Burton Hathow aims to give children an outstanding preparation for life, through offering a happy, fun and stimulating all-round education.

We believe children’s learning at Burton Hathow should extend beyond the classroom to develop each child’s emotional well-being and social skills, whilst providing a broad and specialist educational experience. High academia combined with real-life skills will ensure that our children are fully prepared for the next step in their education.

Burton Hathow – our aims…

  • For our children to demonstrate confidence, independence, resilience, and flexibility with an ability to take risks; where they aim for the highest success.
  • To ensure that all our children and staff have high expectations of behaviour, following the very simple adage ‘treat others as you would wish to be treated.’ 
  • To provide an excellent learning environment with a wide range of academic, sporting, artistic, creative, cultural and outdoor opportunities.
  • To be a school where children and staff not only learn from one another, but also from the wider community.
  • For a child’s emotional and spiritual well-being to be at the heart of everything we do, with strong pastoral support in partnership with parents.
  • For the school and its children to have a strong sense of environmental responsibility.
  • For the spiritual heart of the school to be rooted in the Christian faith and welcoming to pupils and staff of all faiths and no faith, alike.
  • For all members of our school community to be honest, humble, courageous and show integrity.