Admissions procedure

Families with an interest in their child or children joining Burton Hathow are invited to visit the school, usually during a typical school day. This will give parents the opportunity to speak with our team of experts, who will then arrange a preliminary visit to the school for your child or for nursery children a home visit where the Nursery Manager, Gemma Pearson, will come and meet your child in their home.  The child will then be invited for a taster session prior to joining the nursery.

Older children, after a preliminary visit, will be invited to spend a taster day at the school where they will participate in a number of academic and creative lessons and, in some cases, their Maths and English abilities will be assessed to ensure that the school can meet the needs of your child. The Head Teacher will also interview each child. At the end of the taster day parents are invited to meet with the Deputy Head or Head to discuss how the child has settled in and if we feel that Burton Hathow is the right school for your child. 

If you would like to register your child please download the form, or contact the school.

A non-refundable registration fee of £100.00 is payable upon application and a deposit of £150 is payable upon acceptance of a place at Burton Hathow.