First Informal Concert of the Year

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Another splendid half-term concert opened to stunning effect with the Upper School Orchestra treating everyone to a spirited rendition of Karl Jenkins’ Palladio followed by a splendid vocal solo from Issy Sparkes (Year 6) with The Primrose by Grieg – a lovely piece that has not previously featured in one of our concerts. This was followed by the Lower School Choir who gave us a very welcome reprise of their Harvest Festival piece – Share, Share, Share!

It was a great pleasure to listen to our new Cello Ensemble performing Tango and Cha Cha and the Jazz Band’s rendition of Sonny Rollins’ Moanin’ which included some top notch improvisation from band members.

Eliza Clark-Clements, Chloe Meeson and James Williams gave vocal solos of Edelweiss, Wouldn’t It Be Loverly and The Doormouse Carol respectively – the latter being another piece making its debut at one of our concerts and Charlotte Collins performed The Egyptian Level on the piano.

The afternoon’s proceedings concluded with two performances from the Upper School Choir – What on Earth are We Doing to Our World – a piece by our own Mr Nowell and reflecting on some of our modern day environmental concerns and The Manchester Rambler – a piece from Jimmy Miller (later to become better known as Ewan MacColl) written to commemorate the Kinder Scout mas trespass of 1932.

All in all, a most entertaining and high-quality afternoon of musical performances and a fine testament to our commitment to musical education at Burton Hathow.