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The Summer Term has been full of exciting activity,  with woodland habitats being made for frogs, roads and hedgehogs and hotels for our bugs! A new flower 'bed' complete with bird feeder chandelier has been created in the woods and butterfly feeders also designed and installed. 
The Young Environmentalist Awards saw our children delivery a wonderful presentation about all our children's work and this was rewarded with a second place and a prize of £150. Some of this was used to purchase a night vision camera which has produced some wonderful data for us to analyse.
The rest will be put towards oxygenating and marginal plants for the lake. I am extremely excited to see the progress Mr Shaw and Mr South are making, building a pond dipping platform and cutting back a large number of trees to help wildlife. 
This week we have baby moorhens and a number of newts, which are protected so the upkeep of the lake is extremely important.