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It is amazing what the sunshine can help us to achieve!

Commencing our topic of ‘In the Garden’ has continued to bring our learning into the outdoors. The forest, meadow, lake, garden and playground play a key role in our learning.

The EYFS children have been introduced to Yoga through stories during their core conditioning sessions. This helps them to strengthen their muscles and become more aware of their limitations in terms of moving their bodies, as well as learning how to relax.

Reception have been exploring life cycles, creating story maps to support our writing for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and progressing our knowledge by looking at the life cycle of the frog.

We have been observing the tadpoles that Miss Haywood brought in from her pond at home, we can’t wait to see them progress through their stages. We also have our own tadpoles in the Forest that we have been observing.

The Nursery have discussed how to take care of the environment by looking at recycling. They have sorted objects by their material and talked about how we can help look after the living things around us.

Creativity is always high on the agenda…imaginative play allows the children to share ideas and learn life skills by visiting our own Garden Centre in the role play area. Making spiderwebs using sticks and wool for the spiders to live in Reception has led us to using different sources of information to find out about minibeasts. During their Forest School session, Nursery used a variety of natural resources (dandelions, buttercups, sticks in mud, feathers) to make marks on a huge mural of their expression.

Nursery have also been tantalising their taste buds by tasting a variety of vegetables, then drawing them with mixed media. There were lots of mixed responses of their likes and dislikes and lots of interesting discussion!

As part of striking and fielding the children have also been developing their tennis skills, learning basic techniques of moving their feet, getting in the ready position and controlling the ball with the racket in different ways. An excellent start!!

We will be continuing our topic for the next half of the  term as we still have so many things to learn about and explore!