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The Reception children have broadened their knowledge of 'Transport' during our topic for this half of the term. Visiting the bus and train station gave us an increased insight into why we use transport and what options are available to us in the community. Using boxes and craft resources to make models has developed our visual skills to use ideas that we have seen in books, programs and pictures and develop our creativity skills to put our ideas together. Transient art has also been a focus in which we use resources based upon our curiosity approach. This is where we create models, make adaptations and then put away the resources once we have taken a photograph. This has developed our understanding that our resources have a place and need to be put away for future use.

Nursery have been focusing on their listening and attention skills this term through a variety of games which focused around our transport theme. The children have enjoyed learning all about different vehicles and how they travel. Outdoor Ed day was all about team work as the children worked together transporting soil into our large planter box. They then worked together to plant a variety of flowers around the garden, which we can’t wait to see blossom.