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This academic year has started with a few changes enabling both Caterpillar and Butterfly groups to expand.The butterflies have settled in beautifully into the new Nursery classroom and the caterpillar's have adapted well to the extra space. We started the academic year off looking at 'change' which has taken us off in lots of different directions. Initially it was getting used to and learning about our new environments, we then moved on to looking at our bodies and how we change from our baby photographs to our current ones. With the support of 'The Hungry Caterpillar' the Butterflies have developed a keen interest in patterns and symmetry where as the caterpillar's have enjoyed exploring their different senses. 
The children have been showing an increased interest in story books this term, particular traditional stories, the three little pigs has being significant this term for all nursery children inspired by Mr Halse who kindly donated 3 different sized beds. Certain stories have also led to the 'big bad wolf' featuring heavily in the children's role play, especially in the garden where there is plenty of room to run away and hide.
It has been great to see so many of you enjoying taking books home from the sharing baskets.