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Imagine going back hundreds of years and exploring what it was like to have no electricity, eat food with your fingers, sleep in a cold bed and not have any technology??!!

Well that is what the EYFS have been finding out. We’ve built castle dens, made a portcullis in the forest, gorged ourselves at a medieval feast, created our own shield and emblems, made boats in order to cross the moat and used a variety of construction materials to create our own castles.

The forest provision has created delight, imagination and an abundance of opportunities to create large and small scale castles and become Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses.

The children have been exploring traditional and fairy tales as part of their creative curriculum, with the Reception class sequencing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, creating a story map and retelling the story using an array of language and vocabulary. We even decided that Jack wasn’t a good character after all!! 

The Nursery children have grown their own beanstalks, made their own crowns and used junk modelling to express ideas, measuring the heights of each other and comparing the lengths of objects and placing them in order.

As Easter approaches, chocolate has had to play a part in the curriculum…… making Easter nests and receiving a visit from the Easter Bunny!!!