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The best thing about Reception is.....


Hugo- ...the knights castle. My favourite after school clubs are imaginative play and football.


Callum- ...the laptop and we have Mobilo to make things. We get spaghetti bolognaise for lunch, it's scrumptious. 


Freddy- ...the laptop which we can play games on and the castle with the big dragon. In Music and Movement we skip around to the music.


Bethany- ...when we play the game 'Fish and Chips' and we can colour anything. In Yoga we get to relax and it is fun.


Sacha- ...we get to draw pictures and toast marshmallows on the fire in the Forest. In phonics we read lots of words and books.


Madison- ...the dolls house because the dresses are so sparkly. I like the Playmobil because there are loads of people for us to make things.


Olivia- ...the Barbie dolls and castle because they have nice colours. We have hot chocolate in the Forest.


Poppy- ...we can draw dogs. I like the mud kitchen in the Garden. At snack time we can watch 'Numberjacks'.


Connie- ...I like it in the van in the Garden pretending to go to Lincoln for spaghetti. I like Spanish when we sing the dinosaur song.


Adam- … the Duplo because we can build lots of things. Sports Day is fun because we get to do races, my favourite is 'balancing the beanbag on the racket' and the 'running race.'


George- ...P.E because we get to do fun sports like the 'football' game. I like Spanish because you get a star if you are good at it!


We are looking forward to going into Year 1 because:

Callum- it has a big garage to play with


Olivia- there is a play kitchen with real things


Connie- we get to go in the vegetable garden


George- we are going to be in the big building


Hugo- the car garage because we don't have one in Reception


Poppy- there is a kitchen set with lots of puddings. My favourite is the big ice-cream


Adam- I can play with the Lego and make things


Freddy- playing with the big car place and the dinosaurs


Sacha- you get to do joined up writing


Madison- it has loads of things to play with like a play kitchen with loads of food and we can have our snack outside all of the time


Bethany- it is upstairs and it is high up.