From Reception and Year 1…

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This half term has been an eventful one, to say the least! First and foremost, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our Burton Hathow family for all your support over the past few weeks- we are very grateful to have such a strong and supportive parent body, so THANK YOU! This half term has been great fun. We made Burton Hathow history at this year’s Speech and Drama Festival by having all Reception children enter, and come placed in the competition. A great triumph! Although we haven’t seen our friends at Tennyson Wharf a great deal this half term, the visit that we did manage was great to reflect back on the Age on the Stage competition and chat about it. We were able to look at the photographs from the competition and reminisce about how well we did before playing some maths games such as clock bingo- it got quite competitive! 

In Topic, we have been investigating magnetic forces and fields in relation to space. We enjoyed discovering which materials were magnetic through experimentation. We also watched videos of astronauts using toys in space such as skipping ropes and footballs- it was very interesting!

In Forest School, we used our bodies to measure the space for the roundhouse and began the construction! The children helped out by coppicing willow and hammering branches into the ground using the mallet- we can’t wait to see the finished result! 

Our Maths work has seen us counting in 2s, moving forward and back in 10s, partitioning 2-digit numbers and paying to use resources in the classroom using our personal money pots! In English, we created a super story map for our story ‘We’re Going on an Alien Hunt’ and started to bring it to life in our writing, we used scrabble letters to create words, competing to find the largest total score for each word once they were totalled and we began to grasp the grammar concept of ‘contractions’ in our writing- we know.. we are very clever in Reception and Year 1! 


Next term, we will move on to our new topic: Weather, Growth and Our Local Environment.. we are praying this sunshine stays with us for the foreseeable!


We wish you all a fantastic Easter break- stay safe and enjoy the sunshine!


Very best wishes,


Mrs Bowden and Mrs Wells.