From the Art Department…

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This term has been full of large scale projects. Year 2 have painted rockets and suns before tackling a ‘Sacha sized’ 3D sculptural astronaut, now suspended over the stairs in main school! 
Year 3 have been working on another 3D artwork of a boat which is nearly complete. They have drawn, marbled, modelled clay, sawn wood and stitched sails, we are just waiting now for the hulls to be dry enough to fire. 
Year 4 have made fabulous puppets with papier mache heads and have been able to use a sewing machine thanks to visits to our lessons from Mrs Cook-Bell and her friend Mrs Page. We are planning a puppet show for after half term. 
Year 5 have determinedly held tight to their pens and pencils continuing to develop and excel in their perspective drawing. I am hoping to convince them all this week that they have done more than enough and it’s time to put them on display! 
Year 6 are working independently on pieces for their landscape exhibition at the end of term and batik has been the new body of learning.  Last week Mrs Ford and I took Years 5 and 6 to the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln to see Ali Hunter’s exhibition. This was inspiring and we were very lucky to have both the artist and gallery to ourselves to explore.  
Art club have held their own too in terms of keeping up with large scale projects, we drew and painted polar bears to try and lure in some snow, and are currently developing complex animal faces with a mixture of collage, inks, and pastels.  These pieces will  continue after the holiday as the children are striving to do their very best, and that sometimes takes time!
Altogether this has been a very successful half term in the art department!