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  • Matthew May

    Matthew May

Lots of wonderful art has been created this half term beginning with everyone painting one of our giant sunflowers.  In year 2 the children made a 3D mouse in a bed in a sliding box with a painted lid. Year 3 have been looking at how writing is illustrated and then re-designing images to accompany poetry. In year 4 we have incredible A1 size paintings of our forest which are exhibited in the main hall for everyone to see.  In year 5 we have been experimenting with different types of printing, and this week made tiles printed with our own clay stamps.  Year 6 have been looking at the human figure and learning how to work in a 3-dimensional way with wire, this will continue after half term. Art club experiments with photography are also on view on the hall.  We finished this half term with a seasonal field of pumpkins.