Don’t Rush My Childhood…From Jessica South, Head of Early Years.

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  • I am 2

    I am 2

  • I am 3

    I am 3

  • I am 4

    I am 4

I am 2: 

I’m trying to understand the world.  My curiosity is becoming much more visible as I am beginning to become more independent in my surroundings. 
My brain is always on the go and I’m learning that praise means to repeat something and ‘no’ means to stop!
I am 3
I like to be on the go and I need lots of things to keep me busy. I am very active and I am learning how to explore the things around me using different parts of my body and my senses.
My imagination is developing from the different experiences I encounter, in order for me to play in different ways either on my own and with my friends.
I am 4
I have lots of questions to ask and sometimes lots of answers to give. 
I like to find things out and explore everything around me both verbally and physically.
Sometimes I don’t get it right but I am beginning to remember things that have happened in the past and link ideas together.