From Year 2…

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We have had an exciting half term in Year 2, it has been out of this world! As part of our Space Theme, we have followed the story of Beegu, and have used the story to think about different emotions and have made our own Guide to Planet Earth. We have learnt all about the planets in our solar system, why we have day and night and why we have seasons. We have made our own suns, and have produced some amazing rockets with Mrs Burch in Art. We have also watched the 1969 Moon Landing and have been journalists and have written our own newspaper reports about the event.

We followed instructions to make our own sparkly space slime, and will be continuing with this to produce some space food after half term. We have linked our work with learning about the phases of the Moon, to our fractions work in maths, and after half term we will be continuing to make links when we look at telling the time.

We are very excited about the upcoming ‘Age on the Stage’ singing competition, and have enjoyed joining together with Reception and Year 1…..fingers crossed!!! Thank you once again for the continued support of parents, without you and your commitment to events like this, we would not be able to participate!

Miss Henley