News From Forest School, report by Anna and Remi

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In year 5 and 6 we have been doing a range of educational activities in our special Forest School sessions; some using our unique independance and others helping us to understand how important teamwork is. However, all these activities, no matter how fun, help us all to understand the importance and wonder of wildlife. Everyone, no matter what age, at Burton Hathow loves Forest School and we all have some higlights that we think we should share with you like: "My favorite activity this term has to be the making of our campfire and cooking these scrumptious delights!" noted one pupil.

 " I loved it when we split into pairs or 3s to independantly make bird nests with anything we could find!"  commented another pupil. Ruby also told us that: " I really enjoyed it when we made frog habitats,"  and finally, Rachel said that "Freeplay was her ultimate highlight!."

Remi and Anna