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It really has been an outstanding year, with excellent achievements from all of our BH pupils in every area of their learning! But what, for me, has been the highlight, was listening to our Year 6 pupils telling us what Burton Hathow means to them at Prize Giving this year. The Burton Hathow magic truly does exist, enabling each one of our students to believe in themselves!

From George...

I joined BH in year 2. At the time I didn’t feel very smart, I lacked confidence and my self-esteem was rock bottom. BH made me realise that I am really smart in lots of different ways. I have dyslexia but Burton Hathow has made me realise that this needn’t hold me back! At my old school I really didn’t see the point, it was boring! 

Now I really enjoy school: particularly the arts, science and of course sport!

My favourite memory was when we won the ISA Midlands Hockey tournament and I was the captain. It was so exciting and when we won our adrenaline hit the roof. Mrs Ford was really pleased as her good friend, the Head of The Old Vicarage in Derby, had won it many years before!

So to all you pupils… make the most of every second, because before you know it, you will be like me, standing here, about to leave, on your very last day! 

Although I’ll be back!

From David...

I joined BH when I was in year 3. I love all the specialist teaching and moving from class to class rather than staying in one room with the same teacher all day. I really have enjoyed all the hands on learning be it in the science lab, in the forest and of course the amount of sport that we have! 

Burton Hathow means so much to me! It has always made me happy. BH really does stand for Be Happy and I know that the founder pupils made that up, but it is soooo true.

I would like to thank all of the staff at Burton Hathow for looking after me so well and teaching me in all the fun lessons, but I have to say a really big thank you to Mr Millard for helping me along my Burton Hathow journey!

Remember that all the staff are there to help you if you need it! Take all the opportunities that come your way- even if that means coming out of your comfort zone. You can do it! I have!

Good bye Burton Hathow and thank you!

From Flynn...

Hello, everyone, my name is Flynn if you didn’t already know…

My time at Burton Hathow has been phenomenal and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. I was one of the first pupils here. On my taster day, I had a feeling, like, this is the one! Like when you are going to get a new pet and you just know that that one is just perfect!

Whenever I felt down, someone was always there to make sure that I was ok. Like I would do for them and what you would do for your friends -it’s the BH way!

I have so many great moments that it is hard to choose: I mean, the lessons are great, the food is fab, the sport, music, drama, art I could go on forever! But here’s just one:

We attended the ISA Midlands hockey tournament when I was in year 5, and we came 4th place even though we had a very strong team. At the time we were disappointed, but we knew that we just had to work even harder! That’s what we are taught at BH. And then, a year flew by. We attended the tournament for the second time, with, yet again, another strong team. We knew the competition would be tough, but we still kept our spirits high! We won our first 3 games and then we were up against some even better teams from very very big schools.  We managed to win the first 2. Then, we were in the finals, we were so excited but we knew we had a job to do and we had the belief in our hearts that we could do it. At that moment, it started pouring down, I mean seriously mother nature – not cool! Anyway, we managed to win 1 nil and we were victorious!

If I were to give advice to all you BH students it would be this: enjoy every minute, be yourself and give it your all. Also teachers do have eyes in the back of their heads, trust me I have found out first hand! Only joking!

Thank you Burton Hathow for making me who I am today!

From Jack...

I joined Burton Hathow at the end of year 4 and my education has excelled beyond limits. I have enjoyed every second of it and I wouldn’t change a moment.

My best memory has to be when Year 5 & 6 went to Spain last year. It was an amazing experience to go abroad with all my friends.

Definitely my most embarrassing moment was in Spanish, where Mrs Gallimore asked me; “Jack, how do you say Spain in Spanish”

I replied with,

“ e spannishh”.

Overall, Burton Hathow has welcomed and supported me throughout my learning, and it has become my second home. I will miss the school and the teachers so much. I look forward to coming back soon to see how the school has developed.

I would like to thank all of the staff at Burton Hathow for their amazing hard work they put into helping the school. I would also like to say thank you to Mrs Ford for pushing me with my work in English and without you this school wouldn’t be the same. Also, to the PE staff for having the laughs but when it comes to learning you have taught me all the technicalities and tactics that we needed to succeed. And a thank you to Mrs Lyons for believing in me and producing one of the best plays ever. So here’s to the Greatest Show Man all of time!

So Burton Hathow, I will miss you! Thank you for everything! Just remember Be Happy!

 I have been and I know you will too.

From Remi...

The difference between my old school and BH is the difference between a house and a home. 

The best thing about this school are the friendships; I could not have made it through this school without my friends to show me the way. Even though my friends helped me a lot so did the teachers as they all made me feel welcome and always helped me. One of the first thoughts I had about the teachers was about how approachable they are. BH also helped me to come out of my shell. Particularly on the sports field. BH taught me to get stuck in and participate!

My memories from Burton Hathow are all precious but unfortunately I only have a short time 

So I will just pick a couple…

My best memories are mostly in class:  laughing with friends, and having fun learning; which before I joined this school, I would not have even thought possible!

Apart from that, my best memories are in Spain. In Spain we all came out of our comfort zones to participate in thrilling activities, for example: we all participated in a talent show, ate Spanish meals, and learnt how to sail etc.

Spain was so much fun especially doing a scavenger hunt on the beach, where we would have to find things and make them, and practising our Spanish in the market!

I wouldn’t trade my memories or years here for a million pounds!!!  

My message to the rest of the school ….

Don’t give up! If you struggle and think you can’t do something, ask for help, they won’t think any less of you. You can do it! You just need to believe in yourself and BH will help you to that!  Also… Don’t take your time here for granted, because it goes really quick.

This school is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and I am sure it will be for you too.

Thank you, everyone, for supporting me along the way: teaching me and making sure that I always ok. 

I still can’t believe that I am leaving so soon, and I have been dreading saying this but goodbye Burton Hathow.

From Adam...

I started this school four years ago when I was in year 3. I used to find school tough, I could barely write a sentence, where now I can write lively and interesting stories. I have experienced so much at BH! My favourite memory was when we went on the Northumberland trip, especially visiting Eden camp – it was awesome! The thing that is fab about BH is that you get pushed, and then, when you get stuck all the teachers help you to succeed and then they push you again. My favourite lessons are science and forest school. I like finding new things out… I have loved my time at BH. Thank you.