Year 6 Art Exhibition: Landscape

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Barbara Rae is a Royal Academician painter and master printmaker and is recognised internationally as an outstanding colourist. Year 6 looked at some of her acrylics and collages of landscapes and discussed how she structures her work, using bold blocks of colour. This was the starting point, to create landscape interpretations in an abstract expressionist way. The children were asked to find their own photograph of a landscape that had meaning and relevance to them, this formed the basis of the work for this exhibition. Initial explorations were using collage, ideas were then developed in paint, batik and stitching and finally a three-dimensional interpretation using card and plaster.Each artist was able to work at their own pace, some working quickly and prolifically, others reflected more and took longer.  This way of working has provided many challenges for the children, as they had to continually assess and develop their ideas, with the added pressure of knowing that they would be exhibiting in this show.